Clayton Schmidt

Clayton Schmidt

When to Get a Land Survey for Your Residential Property

6 March 2018
Construction & Contractors, Blog

If you're thinking of buying vacant land, you might have that plot surveyed, to ensure you know its actual, legal boundaries, and to find any easements, buried lines, and other such potential hazards on that land. However, if you already own property, it can still be good to have it surveyed on occasion. Note when and why you might hire a land surveyor for your residential property, and how their services can benefit and protect you.
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Attachment Issues: The Pros And Cons Of Choosing A Freestanding Carport

1 March 2018
 Categories: Construction & Contractors, Blog

Providing a sturdy shelter for your car is one of the best ways to prolong its working life and stave off mechanical issues, and constructing a carport is an excellent way to effectively protect your vehicle from the elements without going through the effort and expense of constructing a full-blown garage. However, carports come in a vast array of different shapes and sizes, and choosing the right carport configuration for your needs can be challenging.
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If you are planning to carry out construction work on the interior or exterior of your home, you should first take professional advice. My home is located on quite a steep hill and I decided that I would like to build an extension. Not only would this involve digging a new foundation, it would also involve backfilling some areas of land so the new extension would be properly supported. I decided to call my friend who works as a contractor for a construction company. He offered me lots of great advice and thanks to him the job was a complete success.