Ways to Use Water Pumps on a Residential Property

Ways to Use Water Pumps on a Residential Property

Ways to Use Water Pumps on a Residential Property

24 August 2023
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Water pumps are used for a variety of purposes. For example, they propel water to irrigate farms and provide water for firefighters. Pumps are also integrated into water supply systems on a large scale to deliver water to homes and businesses. They also offer valuable benefits for residential properties. Here are several ways you can use a water pump.

Home Pools

If you have a pool in your backyard, a water pump circulates the water and keeps it clean by pulling it through a filter. You might also need a submersible water pump to empty the pool for repairs or replenish the water. For this, you must follow local regulations regarding where you can drain the water, and you will need hoses of the correct length.

When emptying a pool, check the water flow volume of the pump, which will specify how many litres it can move per minute or hour. You can then work out how long it will take to empty the pool by determining how many litres of water it contains.

Shower Pressure

The plumbing in a home often relies on the principles of gravity and pressure to keep the water moving at a reasonable rate when you turn on the tap. However, this may not supply the pressure you want to enjoy a hot shower, and a booster pump can help in this situation. These pumps are integrated into the plumbing system. The water flows through the inlet and outlet of the pump and back into the plumbing pipes with greater force.

A booster pump increases the water pressure but not the flow rate, so you will experience the water exiting the tap or shower more strongly. However, while a pump can increase pressure, it should not do so to the extent that it damages the pipes. Additionally, if the pump needs to push the water vertically up several stories, it will need enough head pressure.

A water pump is not the solution for all situations. For example, the plumbing pipes may be clogged, which could be the problem you must address to improve the water pressure.

Garden Watering

To preserve water, you might want to install a rainwater tank on your property and use the water it collects for the garden and to flush the toilet. A booster pump can propel the water from the tank to where it needs to flow in the plumbing system.

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