Granny flats no longer just for grannies

Granny flats no longer just for grannies

Granny flats no longer just for grannies

9 March 2018
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Across Australia, from city terraces to suburban blocks and acreages, property owners have long been building granny flats. It's no wonder, really. The granny flat can be used in a myriad of creative ways to bring greater utility and enjoyment to your home, and a real increase in property value.

Now with the rise of web-driven alternative accommodation markets like AirBNB, a host of unusual spaces, from laundries to garden sheds, are being converted to granny flat style accommodation, with fantastic results.

Here's a wrap up of some of the best uses for the humble granny flat.

Tiresome relatives

Obviously, the term granny flat springs from the idea that you need a little space to house your granny, but of course any relative will suffice. These days, families live together far longer than ever before, as millennials struggle to save a deposit for their own home and homeowners support their own aging parents. This is great, but sometimes it can get a little stressful. Creating separate living quarters for anyone you love to have around (but not too much) might just keep your family smiling.

Rental accommodation

While many people construct their granny flat for somebody they already know and love, there often comes a time that person moves on, and the granny flat finds itself vacant. Granny flats offer an additional income stream, with very little maintenance or overheads. From long term tenants who become quasi family members to ghostly renters who are neither seen or heard, many Aussies find a way to make their granny flats work for them.

Guest rooms

Some homeowners choose to keep their granny flat vacant most of the time. When the holidays come around, it's great to have a  space to offer the relatives that offers its own entrance and a little extra privacy.


The cash cow of the modern era, AirBNB and sites like it offer homeowners the chance to make additional income on the side renting out vacant space in their homes. A granny flat offers the opportunity to do this while maintaining your own privacy - and all without leaving your home unguarded in the hands of strangers.

Resale value

Of course the real gift of the granny flat is the value it adds to the resale value of your home. Anyone in the market to buy a property is cognisant of the many advantages and income streams that granny flats have to offer, and are willing to pay extra for the chance to capitalise on yours.

If you're looking to expand but are short on inspiration, take a look at the granny flats around you. You'll be amazed by what you find.

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