Why Have a Retail Refurb Rather Than a Fitout?

Why Have a Retail Refurb Rather Than a Fitout?

Why Have a Retail Refurb Rather Than a Fitout?

20 October 2022
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If you're about to open a new store, then you might need to fit out the space to make it suitable for your business model. You'll usually need to hire retail shop fitters to do this job.

However, shop fitters don't just do fitouts, they can also do refurbs as well. In some cases, a refurb is actually a better option than a full fitout. Why?

Reduce Your Costs

If you have a complete fitout, then you have a big job on your hands even if your store is small. First, you might need to defit the space to get rid of old fixtures and fittings. Then, you'll need to refit everything from scratch to get the store looking the way you want it to.

However, in some cases, a refurb job can do the job you need. For example, if you're moving into a store that has the same basic infrastructure that you need, then experienced shop fitters can simply take out the old fittings and put in your own to your chosen design.

A refurb will reduce your costs. Your scope of work reduces, and you typically have lower material and labour costs. So, the costs of setting up your new store will be lower than if you have a complete fitout.

Get Your Store Ready Faster

A full defit and fitout takes times. Your shop fitters might have to strip out your store and take it back to its shell. They'll need to set up basic systems and then fit out the space to your specifications.

While shop fitters work fast, you'll still have a wait until you can open up for business. If you opt for a refurb instead, then your store could be ready to open sooner.

The less work your shop fitters have to do on your space, the faster they can finish the job. You can open for business and start making money sooner.

Get Faster Planning Permissions

If you rip out an existing store and then refit it from scratch, then you might need to get various planning and building permissions and permits. This adds to your fitout time and its costs.

If you refurb an existing space and don't make major infrastructural changes, then you might not even need any permits or permissions. If you don't make changes to things like access, paths of travel and fire protection systems, then you might be able to use existing permits.

To find out more about your refurb and fitout options, contact retail shop fitters. For more information, contact shop fitters near you.

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