Buying Timber Products: What Should You Look For?

Buying Timber Products: What Should You Look For?

Buying Timber Products: What Should You Look For?

6 June 2022
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Timber is one of the most popular material choices for many people. It's durable, easy to maintain with a natural look that's elegant and classy. That's why it's a great choice for many products including furniture, framing, flooring and more.

However, several wood species exist with many differences in their properties. For instance, timber products will often differ in colour, hardness, durability, grain, moisture content, strength, density, toughness, shrinkage and swelling, among many other properties.

If you are in the market for new timber products, here is a guide to help you find the best.


Most timber products are typically long-lasting, especially when maintained properly. However, some types of timber are more durable than others, a critical aspect to consider in your selection. Generally, timber product durability depends on several factors like the wood species used. Durability is usually all about the timber product's resilience in conditions that would otherwise affect their life expectancy. 

In most cases, timber products are subjected to different tests, including vibrations and shocks, to test their durability under pressure. They are also graded differently depending on their ability to withstand such conditions. It is therefore best to ask about such details, especially when selecting products like furniture and flooring.

It's also worth noting that timber's durability will vary depending on whether you are using it in-ground or above-ground with the latter being longer-lasting because it's not as exposed to moisture, fungal decay and more.

Resistance to other stains, scratches, dents and etcetera is another component to consider when it comes to durability. Pay extra attention to the choice of finishing on the timber product because it can make all the difference here.

Growth Rings

Trees typically develop rings when growing. These growth rings come in different types depending on the tree species, growth rate, and growth conditions. Earlywood, latewood and annual rings are some of the typical types of growth rings on trees. Regardless of the type of growth ring, timber products with these rings are often pricier. The rings are unique, adding a distinctive effect to the timber products. Therefore, if you are looking for aesthetics, especially for products like furniture, growth rings would be worth considering.

Wood Density

How dense is the timber used to make the product? Density is an essential component to consider in your selection because denser timber products tend to be more durable. That's because denser timber has thicker cell walls that make it more resistant to external forces, pressure, fire and etc. In addition, they tend to have better natural insulation properties for promoting energy efficiency.

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