Should you be using structural steel?

Should you be using structural steel?

Should you be using structural steel?

31 January 2022
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If you are designing a new structure or building, what material will you use to provide the structural support and ensure that it is stable and can bear the required weight? You might opt for concrete, or, for a more traditional building, you could think that timber is the best option. In some cases, you will want to use a combination of all three, along with other materials. While each of these materials has advantages, there are good reasons to opt for structural steel in many areas of a new structure. Here are two of the benefits that structural steel can bring to any design.

Better cost control 

Part of any successful building project is keeping costs under control. Costs can quickly spiral in any part of the project if you don't watch them carefully. You may be aware of the cost of the raw materials, but have you also factored in the costs involved in transporting the materials and handling them on the site? Using structural steel can provide particular benefits. While it is strong, it is also light, so transporting and handling it is much easier than some other materials. A further benefit of structural steel is that it is produced off-site, so less time will be spent on the building site, where the weather can intervene and cause delays. When you can spend less on these structural elements of the building, more of the budget can be saved for decorative or luxury features elsewhere.

Increased design flexibility 

Steel may be light, but its strength isn't in doubt. Structural steel can provide a solid frame for your building. With a strong steel frame, there is rarely much need for internal supporting columns, so you can use any floor plan you wish for the building. You might want to design a large open-plan area for a factory, shopping mall or theatre. Employing structural steel can maximize the amount of open floor space without any concern about the stability of the building. The strength of structural steel does not detract from the appearance of the material. You can employ structural steel in almost any shape. It could be curved, flat, or almost any other shape your chosen style needs.

To learn more about using structural steel in your project, ask your steel supplier what they can offer. They can explain all the forms steel can take and how you could use it to create your chosen designs. Since structural steel is created under computer-controlled conditions, you can be confident that every piece of structural steel will be the same quality as the first piece you used.

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