Could You Benefit From the Services of a Land Surveyor?

Could You Benefit From the Services of a Land Surveyor?

Could You Benefit From the Services of a Land Surveyor?

1 December 2021
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Have you recently inherited some land? Maybe, land has been in your family for generations, and you have never really taken the time to explore the boundaries of the property or to familiarise yourself with the topography? If you own vacant land, and you would like to develop it for housing or build on it for your purposes, you must understand more about the land. You must be clear on the location of the boundaries, and understand what gradients are present, and what features exist on the land. These are all things that a land surveyor can help you to achieve.

Fixing the boundaries

If the property has remained in the same ownership for an extended period, it's probable that any fences have been replaced multiple times, and perhaps not in the same position every time. Arranging for a land surveyor to establish the correct land boundaries will avoid any future boundary disputes and ensure that any building work that you carry out on the land will be in the right place.

Examining the land

The land is only useful if it can be used. Whether you want to build on the land, create subdivisions, or use it for farming, you must know what the land is like. There could be a steep slope that must be factored into your plans. There might be a stream or some man-made features that can't be moved. A land survey can identify the features on the property, so you can adjust your plans to take account of the land and avoid expensive mistakes when you discover that your proposed development cannot be accommodated in the area you expect.

How will the land surveyor work?

You might think that land surveying is slow, tedious work, but it doesn't have to be that way. Rather than walking over the land, slowly collecting measurements and recording them by hand, land surveying is often completed using drones. Drones can fly over your property and take plenty of pictures to quickly gather a huge amount of data. All data from the drones will be geotagged, so it is far more accurate than any information that could be recorded by hand. Once the drone data has been downloaded, it can be compared to existing maps to produce a detailed model of your land.

Ask your local land surveyor how their services could help you to make better use of your land, or to develop your property most effectively.

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