5 Benefits of Plantation Shutters

5 Benefits of Plantation Shutters

5 Benefits of Plantation Shutters

16 October 2020
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Window shutters are some of the oldest types of window dressing. They have traditional benefits over other types of window treatments as they provide increased privacy and security, are energy efficient and are easy to clean. Plantation shutters are a customisable type of shutters, which fits any window type, shape and size. They are an excellent accessory for different parts of the house, including your patio, verandah, porch and balcony. Also, they are a perfect addition to other rooms in your home, adding a touch of sophistication and class. Continue reading for five benefits of plantation shutters.

Increased Security

Plantation shutters can be customised to include a locking system, which acts as a strong deterrent against intruders. Also, they act as a sturdy physical barrier. If you're looking for a window treatment option that not only looks good but one that also serves the purpose of improved security, plantation shutters are an excellent way to go. 

Easy Cleaning and Maintenance

Unlike curtains, which easily collect and accumulate dirt, plantation shutters are easy to clean. All you need to do is wipe them down with a cloth and some water. You won't have to go through the hassle of removing them as you would have done with curtains. This ease of cleaning and maintenance is also cheap, which means that you won't have to spend more money cleaning them. 

Stylish and Timeless

Plantation shutters have existed for decades. Their design is not only timeless, but it's also sleek and sophisticated. Regardless of your chosen style of interior design, plantation shutters will be a good match. They will make your home look more stylish as they accommodate various styles including minimalistic designs, contemporary, rustic and traditional. 


One of the roles of window treatment options is to protect your home from exposure to the sun, dust and constantly changing temperatures. Some options like curtains do not take this exposure well, as they start to have some wear and tear. This is not the case with plantation shutters. Plantation shutters are durable and high performing. They will continue to serve you for a long time, even when regularly exposed to the sun. 

Energy Efficiency

When choosing a window treatment, you also need to consider energy efficiency. Plantation shutters are very energy efficient. Their installation involves creating a tight seal against the window frame. This seal prevents the outside air from penetrating your home and inside air from escaping. Plantation shutters will reduce your total monthly energy bill.

Plantation shutters are functional, practical and aesthetically appealing. Install plantation shutters today to add significant value to your property.

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