Benefits of using a stainless steel mesh for your chicken pen

Benefits of using a stainless steel mesh for your chicken pen

Benefits of using a stainless steel mesh for your chicken pen

27 November 2019
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If you're in the business of rearing chickens, then you know that keeping them safe is a top concern. Chickens have many natural predators, and their curious nature makes them stray off to potentially dangerous territory. That's why you need a sturdy and durable fence that can form a solid perimeter around your chicken pen.

Using a steel mesh is one of the best ways of securing your chickens. A stainless steel mesh is made of a screen that has been interlaced with metallic strands. Stainless steel is also sturdy and it prevents corrosion and rusting on your fence. In addition, this meshwork can be designed to have varying thickness and overall density.

But why is a stainless steel mesh the best option for your chicken pen's fence?

1. Keep rodents and other predators out

Chickens are often attacked by raccoons, rats, mongooses, and other predators lurking in Australian neighbourhoods. These predators often come out at night or when you're not actively keeping an eye on your chickens. A single rodent can cause extensive injuries to your chickens their chicks, and their eggs.

Luckily, you can use stainless steel meshing to protect your chicken pen. This meshwork is strong enough to keep rodents out while giving you a clear view of the pen at all times. Using stainless steel strands, mesh suppliers can vary the size, density and thickness of your fence. In particular, a dense meshwork contains smaller spaces that keep rodents out while still allowing light to pass through.

2. Tough enough to keep the chickens in

Not only do you need to keep predators out, but you also need to keep your chickens in. Chickens are active and curious animals that will look for ways of getting out of the pen. Depending on your specific outdoor space, you may need to use stainless steel meshing of an appropriate height, shape and thickness.

Stainless steel meshwork can be installed to fit many different shapes and heights, without causing many complications. This meshwork is also water-resistant, meaning that moisture will not cause the fence to disintegrate over time. And because stainless steel is tough, no amount of nibbling or pecking by your chickens will enable them to run off without supervision. 

3. Resistant to corrosion

Perhaps the biggest benefit of using stainless meshwork is its resistance to corrosion. The fence of your chicken pen may come in contact with many different organic and chemical products over time. Corrosion resistance makes your fence more durable and cost-effective to maintain.

To learn more about fencing, contact fence contractors in your area.

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