Maintenance Issues to Leave to a Professional Plumber

Maintenance Issues to Leave to a Professional Plumber

Maintenance Issues to Leave to a Professional Plumber

30 August 2019
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Australia's obsession with DIY projects is on the rise. Notably, the average homeowner has become a handyman of some sort and wears many caps -- from plumbing to lawn care and everything in between. Unfortunately, some plumbing DIY enthusiasts end up biting more than they can chew and end up causing more damage. While handy homeowners can handle some maintenance tasks without a plumber's assistance, some areas are a no-go zone. This article highlights areas of maintenance plumbing services that a homeowner should leave to a professional.  

Hot Water Maintenance 

During summer, no one minds the cold shower in the morning, and it matters less if the water heater is broken. However, as winter sets in no amount of blanket or hot coffee beat the warm hug of hot water during a shower. It is no wonder most people decide to conduct maintenance on their hot water system before winter commences. While it might seem innocent, DIY plumbing maintenance of a hot water system is as dangerous as they come if done by an inexperienced hand. The reason is you are dealing with gas, electricity, hot water and steam. All these are ingredients for disaster if not handled properly, and that is why you should never make hot water maintenance a DIY project. 

Slow-Draining Toilet 

Have you ever flushed your toilet and noticed that the water fills up the entire bowl before draining away slowly? If you have, then you probably know that a slow drainer is a sign of a clogged sewage line. Most people, therefore, attack the problem with a plunger, but it is often a temporary solution. The reason is that a slow draining toilet is caused by clogging in the sewer line, and the problem is usually more significant than it seems. Therefore, using a plunger only clears some of the debris. Over time, debris accumulates and clogs the line entirely, and the pressure created can lead to pipe bursts. Call for professional maintenance if your toilet has a draining problem. 

Water Filtration Trouble

How long a residential water filtration system remains effective depends on many factors with the major one being water quality. If the water contains large amounts of contaminants, then the filters should be replaced regularly. Additionally, regular maintenance is necessary to make sure you get the most out of the filtration system. However, most people do not know the quality of the water they use. Consequently, it leads to poor maintenance scheduling and low quality of water coming from the filtration system. A professional plumber is well equipped to test your water source and schedule the proper maintenance of your water filtration system.

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