3 Ways Metal Roofing Will Keep Your Energy Bills Low

3 Ways Metal Roofing Will Keep Your Energy Bills Low

3 Ways Metal Roofing Will Keep Your Energy Bills Low

1 August 2019
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Most people associate roofing, especially metal roofing, with protection against harsh weather elements such as scorching sun, strong winds, rain and ice. Others say the roof denies burglars access into your house from the top. While all this is true, most people don't give one more aspect a critical thought: energy-efficient roofs lower utility bills. However, some people don't find it easy to agree with this concept without asking, "How can it reduce utility bills?" If you have this question, don't have more doubts on this aspect since this blog explains how an energy-efficient metal roof lowers utility bills in 3 ways.

No More Attic Heat Build-Up

A metal roof with energy-efficient features offers adequate attic ventilation. This means that the metal roof balances the attic temperature and outdoor temperature to keep the indoor climate regulated. Experienced roofers ensure your metal roof has the right exhaust and intake vents to ensure nothing hinders maximum airflow within the attic. Metal roofs provide fresh drafts that keep the attic cool, and this means you won't rely on your air conditioner as often.

Deflection of Solar Heat

A properly installed metal roof deflects about 97 per cent of solar heat. No one wants to have a roof that turns the house into a furnace, especially during the summer. The reflectance of an aluminium metal roof increases when an innovative coating is added. The coating doesn't allow the sun's energy to get into your house, bouncing that energy back to the sky. This way, the surface temperature is lowered and the indoor environment becomes friendlier. The indoor environment remains cool in summer since only less sun energy gets into the interior.

Absorbed Energy Is Re-Emitted

Contacting experienced roofers to install your metal roof benefits you in many ways. The roofers help you get the roofing panels that make your roof more energy-efficient. Energy-efficient panels absorb a small amount of heat, and they don't retain most of the absorbed amount. A metal roof is highly reflective, and it doesn't allow infrared radiation into the house. This way, a metal roof naturally cools your home, especially in the warmest months of the year.

Now you know that metal roofing has more to safety and protection. It even yields more benefits when installed properly. That's why you shouldn't allow anyone who is not a qualified, licensed and experienced roofer to install it. A metal roof doesn't allow undesirable heat to find its way into the attic, and this conserves more energy. Install a metal roof if you want to enjoy energy efficiency and comfort in your home.

For more information on metal roofing, contact a roofer.

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