Two types of professionals whose services you might need when building a house

Two types of professionals whose services you might need when building a house

Two types of professionals whose services you might need when building a house

1 June 2019
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In addition to hiring a general building contractor, you may also need to enlist the help of a few other professionals to help you build your house. Here are two examples of professionals whose services could be useful in this type of situation:

An architectural draftsperson

Not every house building project requires the involvement of an architectural draftsperson. However, there are certain types of projects that can benefit hugely from the skills and expertise of someone who specialises in architectural drafting.

For example, if you want the house that you build to have lots of features that mirror the architectural style of a specific bygone era (such as the Georgian period), then you and your building contractor may need to ask for help from an architectural draftsperson.

The reason for this is as follows: the process of replicating the ornate features that are found in Georgian houses could be quite complex, and you will need an expert to help you find practical and safe ways to incorporate these features into a modern building. They will then draw up meticulous and comprehensive drawings and plans, using specialist software, that will allow to you bring to life the house you have dreamed of building.

The plans created by this expert will also help you to create accurate estimates of how much your project will cost.

A glazier

If all of the windows that you plan to have fitted in the house will have standard dimensions, then your building contractor should be able to fit them for you.

However, if you want windows with an unusual shape -- for example, if you want to create a Venetian window, like those found in Georgian properties, or a circular window -- then you should probably enlist a glazier to help you install them.

The reason for this is as follows: if the windows you want to make will have an unusual shape, you may need to have them custom made instead of simply buying prefabricated glass. This could cost quite a lot. As such, when the time comes to install these windows, it is crucial to make sure that a glazier, who is well-versed in handling and fitting many different types of windows, installs them.

This will drastically reduce the risk of these expensive, bespoke windows being accidentally broken whilst they are being fitted. This, in turn, will ensure that you do not have to arrange for additional custom glass panes to be made to replace them -- a process which could delay the date on which you can move into the house.

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