3 Pro Tips to Get the Most Out of Skylight Windows

3 Pro Tips to Get the Most Out of Skylight Windows

3 Pro Tips to Get the Most Out of Skylight Windows

24 May 2019
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Traditionally, large windows are the preferred options for homeowners seeking to bring in as much natural light as possible into their living spaces. Sliding doors are also becoming a staple in achieving sufficient light requirements. However, while windows and doors are useful in this regard, there is another ace in the pack that directs light from the heavens into the indoors in inimitable style -- skylight windows. Skylights are quickly becoming the perfect solution to homeowners looking for an alternative way to fill their home with life-giving and mood-altering benefits of natural light. That said, how do you get the most out of your skylight windows? Read on for pro tips on achieving this.

1. Hide the Frames -- Just like windows and doors, skylights also have frames of varying designs and sizes, depending on the manufacturer. However, if you want to create an illusion that the ceiling is open to the sky above, then ensure that you hide the skylight window's frame. The design works well with oversized skylights in small or narrow spaces. Keeping the frames out of view creates an illusion that the ceiling is glazed, thereby infusing a sense of wonder to the area. The best part about this visual trickery is that you can achieve the same effect using an inexpensive skylight window.

2. Self-cleaning Glass -- Irrespective of how expensive or elegant a skylight window looks, if it is dirty most of the time, then it will lose its functional and aesthetic value. Therefore, it is necessary to clean the glass regularly, but this is only possible if the skylight has a natural access point. However, you can avoid this fuss by investing in skylight windows with self-cleaning glass coating. The specialised coating helps to disintegrate dirt, which is easily washed away by rain. While the upfront cost of buying and installing this type of skylight window is high, the long-term benefits are clear.

3. Shape the Skylight Tunnel -- In most homes, skylights have vertical walls to help direct natural light directly to the space below. However, this only works well with large skylights because of small skylights only direct light to a small surface area. If you can only afford a small skylight window, then you do not have to stick with vertical walls. You can still ensure the small skylight window illuminates a large area by altering the shape of the bounding edges. For instance, by slanting the sides of the skylight wall to create a bread-splay allows more light through. You can enhance the effect by painting the skylight tunnel a light colour.  

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