Three Simple Guidelines for Wood Selection for Custom Carpentry

Three Simple Guidelines for Wood Selection for Custom Carpentry

Three Simple Guidelines for Wood Selection for Custom Carpentry

16 April 2019
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If you are thinking about building a custom structure using wood, it is advisable to engage a custom carpentry service. This type of contractor will help in realising your design and vision, ensuring that the final structure matches your needs. A carpenter will also ensure that the work is conducted with efficiency, minimising the delays and general losses.

On the other hand, creating your own custom structure can be satisfying, and you might be able to save some money. If you have some skills and woodworking tools, you can try your hand at DIY carpentry. Regardless of your choice, you will need to purchase the right wood for your project. Here are some simple tips for identifying the best material.

Compare Hardwood and Softwood

When choosing your carpentry material, you should learn the difference between the primary types of wood: hardwood and softwood. If you understand their differences, you will have an easier time identifying the perfect timber. In general, softwoods are obtained from plants with needles like firs and pines. This wood is highly flexible and can be shaped and cut with ease.

Therefore, softwood is ideal if you are looking for highly malleable material for your project. Hardwood comes from tougher trees like oaks and cherries. As implied, this type of wood is resilient and highly durable. If you are planning on building a durable and highly resilient structure, this type of wood is perfect. However, you should note that its malleability is limited.

Consider the Wood Colour

When planning to build a wooden structure, you should think about the potential appearance of the finished surfaces. In general, the visual impact will depend on the design and skill of the carpenter. However, the colouring of the wood will also influence the visual appeal. You should note that different species of wood have dissimilar hues, ranging from dark brown to blonde. It is important to choose the most appropriate for your needs. Darker colours have a more imposing appearance while light wood will brighten up the room. The perfect choice will primarily depend on personal taste.

Avoid Significant Imperfections

Finally, you should inspect your chosen wooden materials for imperfections. Imperfections in the wood can affect the performance and durability of your structure. Moreover, if there are too many anomalies in the wood, the appeal of the wood will decline. Therefore, you should choose wood without too many knots and variations. In addition, it is advisable to inspect the lumber before your carpentry work and ensure that the material is not damaged.

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