Landscape Supplies Guide

Landscape Supplies Guide

Landscape Supplies Guide

26 September 2018
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An important aspect in building construction is the landscape. Beautiful landscapes enhance the beauty of homes, malls, office blocks and residential premises. As such, they are crucial to increasing the value of houses on sale as they attract potential customers to view the property. Below are essential landscape supplies for various elements of a beautiful landscape. 

Pavements and driveways.

Designated walking or driving areas ensure that other elements of your landscape such as flowers and hedges are not destroyed by human activity. Suitable materials for your pavements and driveways include:

  • Concrete. Concrete is popular in pavement and driveway design as it is cheap and readily available. To ensure that the concrete serves you for long, do not pour it on areas where the ground might move during heavy rains. You should also clean it regularly.
  • Asphalt. Asphalt is suitable for driveways as it is the same material used to construct modern roads. If you have a long driveway, you can have the asphalt marked to give directions to drivers. Basic maintenance includes regular cleaning and sealing cracks.
  • Bricks and rocks. When well-arranged, bricks and rocks form very beautiful pavements. If you want to use them for your driveway, ensure that the materials are not prone to breakage.


The garden breathes life into your landscape as the combination of trees and flowers brings about a beautiful environment to live in.

  • Trees. The trees that you plant in your garden should be easy to trim. Trees with long fibrous roots may damage your concrete or asphalt over time. You may also choose to plant fruit-bearing trees.
  • Flowers. Some flowers have strong scents -- ensure that you are not allergic to these scents. If you have children in your home, you may opt not to plant flowers that have thorns. Plant flowers that blossom in various seasons, as you want your garden beautiful all year round.
  • Grass. The grass should be easy to mow. Ensure that you water it regularly as you want it green throughout. Apply fertiliser and remove weeds on a regular basis. 


Fences not only help mark boundaries but also help keep away intruders and wild animals from your home. There are various kinds of live fences you can use for your landscape. You can have a high fence for your boundary and short fences to partition your garden.

Basic landscape supplies include concrete, bricks, and asphalt for driveways and pavements. Use trees, grass, and flowers for your garden, and use live fences to mark boundaries. For more information, you can contact companies like Hayter's Timber & Paving.

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