How to Use a Scissor Lift for an Urgent but Difficult Repair Job

How to Use a Scissor Lift for an Urgent but Difficult Repair Job

How to Use a Scissor Lift for an Urgent but Difficult Repair Job

26 June 2018
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If you have to carry out some urgent repairs, the problem area is elevated and you will need to work in a high-traffic environment, there is only one real solution, and that is to use a scissor lift. They can provide immediate access while keeping the operator as safe as possible, the avoid disruption where necessary and they ensure that the work site can be cleared as soon as everything is fixed. Yet you may never have worked with a scissor lift before and need to find out some more information before you hire the equipment. What should you know about this ingenious tool?

Preparing the Area

As a scissor lift is mobile, it can be quickly moved into the problem area so long as the access is reasonable. You will need to safeguard both the approach and working area carefully, especially due to the high-traffic nature of the job. Cordon off a reasonable space to either side of the approach and working area with red and white barricade tape so that everyone is fully aware of potential danger and will not go near.

Getting the Site Ready

Once the machine is in place, you will need to carefully assess any potential dangers. In particular, remember that this machine will not provide the operator with any protection from contact with an electrical conductor or power line, and remember that when fully elevated, there may be a certain amount of movement laterally. Consequently, clearly identify any electrical hazards so that neither the machine nor the operator has a risk of contact. Also, remember that there is a risk that the frame of the lift will touch the remote working location. To avoid any damage to paint, make sure that the platform railings are covered before beginning elevation.

How to Operate

Check that the battery on the machine is fully charged before operation and before the worker climbs on board. The emergency stop control will be engaged until he or she is in position and ready to go, at which time the stop control can be disengaged.

Usually, a scissor lift will have an option of low or high range, and in most cases, low should be engaged, unless the path ahead is very obvious. Remember to carefully adjust the platform so that the job can be completed with no risk to the operator or anyone else. Once complete, return slowly to the base position before engaging the stop button, switching off the machine and climbing out.

Any Other Questions?

If you have any other concerns about your jobsite, ask the equipment hire company for their advice.

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