Seat Features that Improve the Comfort of Construction Truck Drivers

Seat Features that Improve the Comfort of Construction Truck Drivers

Seat Features that Improve the Comfort of Construction Truck Drivers

2 April 2018
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Heavy construction equipment drivers are a scarce resource, and contractors are doing all they can to keep the operators happy. The reason is that massive construction machines require some level of focus that tends to drain drivers both physically and mentally. Therefore, construction truck drivers need to be as comfortable as possible when operating such equipment.

As a contractor, you must ensure such comfort, and the first areas you can start with are the seats. When you provide comfortable seats, aches and pains stop being part of a driver's life. This article highlights ways you can improve the comfort of truck seats for your drivers.

Wider Cushions -- One common observation among heavy construction equipment operators such as drivers is that they are big. It can be attributed to the fact that operating massive machines requires some level of physical energy.  Therefore, it is essential to have seat cushions that can accommodate big-bodied drivers comfortably. For truck seats, pillows come in a standard size of 18 inches which is comfortable enough for most drivers. However, 22-inch cushions are recommended for construction equipment operators. Therefore, rather than provide a full seat, you can opt for broader pillows because they offer better lateral support than the standard cushions.

Swivel Base -- Most construction trucks have a stationary seat. While it might be of no consequence to a driver's comfort in the short run, getting out of the lorry can turn into a hustle in the long term. After spending hours navigating uneven grounds, the last thing a driver needs is to struggle with getting off a truck. Replacing a stationary seat with a swivel base will go a long way towards enhancing the comfort of a driver. The reason is that swivel base truck seats enable drivers to turn towards the direction of the door thereby making the process of alighting easy. In essence, drivers do not have to turn their already tired backs towards the door whenever they want to get out if they have a swivel base seat.

Customized Suspension -- As mentioned earlier, most heavy equipment operators are typically bigger than your average driver, but this does not mean that there are no lean truck drivers. Therefore, it is essential to consider a driver's weight when installing seat suspensions because the one-size-fits-all strategy does not work in this case. When installing seat suspensions, you need to factor an individual driver's weight as well the suspension's vertical travel to avoid bottoming out. 

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