Making roof insulation work for you

Making roof insulation work for you

Making roof insulation work for you

20 March 2018
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Most people know that heat rises but have you considered the implications of that for your home? One of the most significant causes of heat loss for your home is uninsulated ceilings which allow all your valuable warmth to escape through the roof of your property.

How does roof insulation work?

Roof insulation restricts the amount of heat that can flow through cracks, light fittings and ceiling cavities and keeps the where it should be. Heat and sound can travel through any material but they experience greater resistance when they try to pass through some materials than they do through others. Air allows heat to pass through it quite easily as does glass which is why installing roof insulation and remembering to shade your windows will help you home to stay warm during the colder months.

What are the advantages of roof insulation?

  • Adding roof insulation will help you to maintain the temperature in your home. In the winter you will retain the warmth inside the building, and in the summer you home will remain cool as the heat can't get inside.

  • Roof insulation can play a major part in reducing your energy bills which will save you money and help to protect the environment.

  • Roof insulation not only assists with temperature control but it helps to reduce noise levels across your home providing a more pleasant living environment for everyone.

What type of roof insulation should you use?

The type of insulation that you should consider for your home will depend on your circumstances. You should talk to your local insulation company and see what they suggest. You might find that polyester batts or glass wool batts are the best choice in your situation. The insulation company will also be able to suggest pipe lagging and other insulation techniques that can help to maintain the temperature in your property.

What else can you do to maintain your home at the correct temperature?

Roof insulation works best as a part of a larger strategy for your home. In addition to your roof you should consider insulating your walls and covering or sealing large glass windows that can often be a cause of warm air escaping from your home in the winter or entering your home and becoming trapped there in the summer.

By insulating your roof and following these simple techniques you can help to keep your home at the right temperature so that you can enjoy your property throughout the year without having to worry about running your heating or air conditioning non-stop.

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