Four Practical Steps for Maintaining Your Cooling Tower

Four Practical Steps for Maintaining Your Cooling Tower

Four Practical Steps for Maintaining Your Cooling Tower

20 March 2018
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Simple maintenance work in your cooling tower will ensure better performance from the system. Also, the upkeep work can prevent the fast deterioration of the tower components, prolonging the life of the cooling structure. In addition, a well-maintained tower is free of harmful microorganisms. Under ideal circumstances, the servicing tasks in your cooling tower should be carried out by a qualified technician. However, it is possible to perform some common maintenance work even without professional skills. Here are simple guidelines to consider if you are interested in this undertaking.

Disconnect the Tower

You should never begin hands-on work in the cooling tower while the system is in operation. Contact with powered elements or components in the structure could cause harm to you or your workers. Ideally, you should follow the lock-out or tag-out procedures recommended by the manufacturer or contractor. You should also remember to turn off all motor switches.

Clean Out Debris

Solid materials can find way into your cooling tower. It is important to clear out this debris because it will cause harm to components while circulating in the system. You should check the strainers in the tower; remove the accumulated waste and clean the strainers. You should also flush out the dirt collected in the cold-water basin in the tower. This practice will keep the water in the tower free from harmful particles.

Check Water Distribution

You should inspect the condition of the water supply system for your cooling tower. It is important to make sure that there are no anomalies in the distribution network. You should note that some water system channels are highly susceptible to fouling, especially after a period of disuse. For example, corrosion, biological growths and mineral build-ups can prevent the efficient flow of water. If you notice these anomalies, you should call a technician for repair or maintenance.

Treat the Water

Cooling towers are warm and wet. Therefore, they are perfect breading grounds for numerous types of microorganisms. If algae, fungi and bacteria accumulate in the tower, they will lower the water quality. As a result, the rate of cooling will be quite low. Also, these materials could cause blockages in the internal systems. In addition, some of the microorganisms can cause health problems to individuals who come in contact. Therefore, you must ensure that chemicals such as biocides and algaecides are used in correct quantities.

Finally, you should remember to lubricate moving components in the cooling tower such fan shafts to promote efficient performance and long-term service. For more information, contact companies like Marley Flow Control Pty Ltd.

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