2 Excellent Reasons To Add A Verandah To Your Home

2 Excellent Reasons To Add A Verandah To Your Home

2 Excellent Reasons To Add A Verandah To Your Home

14 March 2018
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Verandahs are a quintessential part of the Australian architectural landscape. They're found on old homes all across the country and are a much-loved feature by many people. An increasing number of Australian homeowners are bypassing more modern outdoor living spaces, such as decks and patios, in favour of a verandah. They're being added regularly to older-style homes as well as to modern, newly built homes.

If you're planning to add an outdoor living space to your home, then here are two excellent reasons why you should consider a verandah.

1. They increase climate control of your home

In the modern age, the desire for a home that is easy to keep cool or warm is a high priority for many people. The steadily rising costs of electricity and a growing awareness of sustainable living are the primary reasons for this desire. A verandah is an excellent way to give your home better control over its internal climate, which is why they were such a popular feature before the advent of air conditioning or electric heaters.

The wide, angled roofs of verandahs protect windows, doors and walls from the full force of the sun, helping to keep internal temperatures low during summer. During the winter, the same roof will act as insulation for the home while protecting the external features from damage caused by rain, wind and frost.

2. They add great charm and character

As well as being a practical addition to a home and providing an extensive outdoor living space, verandahs add an enormous amount of charm and character to a home. They can soften the look of a utilitarian post-war cottage, add heritage style to a period home and bring some old-world character to an unremarkable modern home.

Depending on the style of your home, you can opt for different looks for your verandah. For modern homes, a popular choice is a simple timber structure using natural timber as a striking feature. For an older home, decoratively carved timber trims will help recreate the vintage look of yesteryear and look fantastic when painted in a modern or traditional paint palette.

If a verandah sounds like an appealing choice for your home, then contact a local builder who has experience in constructing different types of verandahs. They can help you to figure out which style will best suit the look of your home, the size requirements you're after and the price range you're hoping to achieve it all within.

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