What Can You Do About the Tree Stump Left Behind After Tree Lopping?

What Can You Do About the Tree Stump Left Behind After Tree Lopping?

What Can You Do About the Tree Stump Left Behind After Tree Lopping?

12 March 2018
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If you recently had tree lopping service to remove a tree on your property, you might have tree stumps left on your property. Whilst some homeowners don't mind leaving a tree stump on their property, most people don't want that unsightly stump as a key feature of their home landscaping. Fortunately, you've got two other options available: stump grinding and stump removal. Read on to learn the most essential information about these ways to deal with a tree stump after tree removal.

Partial Removal: The Tree Stump Grinding Process

Tree stump grinding is the most popular way to deal with tree stumps today, and it's less complex than full stump removal. In tree stump grinding, the majority of the stump is pulverised until you're left with a mixture of small wood chips and dirt. This looks like typical compost, and it will become a rich topsoil over time.

The wood chip and dirt mixture is layered atop the remaining portion of tree stump, typically only a couple of centimetres above ground level. This mixture helps speed up the decay of the remaining stump and the tree roots, but it can take a couple of years. Once the stump is totally decayed, you can use the compost mixture in your vegetable or flower garden if you wish. If you'd like to plant a new tree in the place of the old one at that point, it's usually fine to do so. 

Total Removal: The Tree Stump Removal Process

While the mechanical tools used to perform the removal might vary according to the stump size and how deep the roots are, the end result is the same. Tree stump removal means digging up the whole stump, even eliminating the root ball. Sometimes a tree stump is so large that the tree stump removal must be done in several different pieces, but in the case of smaller stumps, the whole stump is lifted out of the ground at once.

The cost of tree stump removal is calculated based on several factors, but the main factor is the size of the stump. You can use an online stump removal calculator to get a general idea of the potential cost for your tree stump removal.

Both methods of dealing with a tree stump can be quite effective. It's really down to whether you want immediate results (the total removal) or whether you can wait a while to fully eliminate the stump (the stump grinding.) Contact your local tree removal service to find out which option might be best for your property. 

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