How to Add a Bit of Rustic Appeal to Your New Home

How to Add a Bit of Rustic Appeal to Your New Home

How to Add a Bit of Rustic Appeal to Your New Home

12 March 2018
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If you enjoy a slightly rustic look to a modern home and are having a new home built, you might consider a few tips on how to add that rustic, "country" appeal to your space without making your home look like an actual log cabin! A few simple changes to the home's architecture or interior decor can bring in certain rustic elements while still keeping the home modern and updated. Note a few ideas you might discuss with your builder.


Consider whether there are rustic fixtures you can have incorporated into the design of your new home which will make the space seem a bit more natural and "country." This might include an antique, farm-style ceramic stove or open cabinetry in the kitchen, made from thick, weathered wood planks. A bathroom sink benchtop can also be made from a slab of weathered wood, and you can choose natural rock for the fireplace surround, rather than brick. These all add natural elements and surfaces to the home, creating a rustic look and feel. Consider, too, an oversized farm sink in the kitchen and burnished copper or aged metal for the splashback for even more country appeal.


Timber floors in a natural pine are a great choice for adding country appeal to your home. You can also have darker timber floors if you prefer, but opt for very wide planks, as this wider shape often seems more rustic and natural than thin floorboards.

It's also good to choose planks that have lots of knots and busy grain patterns, and avoid covering these with paint or stain. Instead, shellac the floorboards for shine and for added protection, leaving these "imperfections" in the wood very visible. If these timber floors seem a bit too stark, cover some areas with nice area rugs to add warmth and to ensure the space is rustic but also modern and updated.

Roof trusses

Since you're having a new home built, you might discuss with your builder the potential of using roof trusses rather than standard roof joists. These trusses are large, open beams that are often left exposed. This gives your home the look of a cottage or even a barn! Roof trusses can be joined with oversized metal plates to add some contrast to the wood itself, and they can also be painted for a modern look, or left natural, depending on your preferences for how much of a rustic appearance you want in the space. Contact a company like Prefab Technology Pty Ltd to learn more about roof trusses.

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