3 Reasons to Choose Kikuyu Turf for Your Landscaping

3 Reasons to Choose Kikuyu Turf for Your Landscaping

3 Reasons to Choose Kikuyu Turf for Your Landscaping

12 March 2018
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Upgrading your landscape may mean looking at the grass you currently have and changing it. You may find that the current grass you have is not growing right or is having issues with overgrowth in areas. One way to counteract this is to change the turf. One option to think about is Kikuyu turf. Here are three reasons to choose Kikuyu turf for your landscaping.

Drought Tolerant

If you live in an area that does not receive much rainfall, then Kikuyu may be ideal. Kikuyu turf has a very high drought tolerance which makes it ideal for dryer climates. It does not need as much routine hydration maintenance as many other turf options. It also does not require increased amount of turf food or fertilizer to help it through these dryer times of the year. It can grow just as other turf types that require more water and fertilization. This means having a greener turf throughout the hotter and dryer months of the year.

Grows Easily

There are some options of turf that are difficult to grow. In fact,this may be an issue you are dealing with now with your current turf. One of the major benefits to Kikuyu turf is it's viable seed options. This specific type of turf can grow easily and dense. You will likely have very few issues with it growing and spreading across the landscape and giving a dense lush look throughout the highest growth seasons. A simple seeding of the turf can yield a well grown landscape over other turf options like centipede grass.

Reduced Weeds

One of the benefits that many homeowners enjoy with Kikuyu turf is the resistant against weeds. The turf grows rapidly and dense. This growth allows for a protective barrier against weeds throughout the landscape. For gardeners and for DIY landscape enthusiasts, this can be a huge benefit. This allows you to avoid the use of many chemicals to help reduce weeds. It also allows for the benefit of reduced weed pulling and maintenance time.

There are other other options like sapphire buffalo lawn and buffalo turf for sale from your landscaping supplier. However, consider the reasons of choose Kikuyu first and then move to the other two options if Kikuyu is not ideal for your long-term landscaping needs. Your landscaping supply representative can help with pricing and other questions as well as delivery options of the turf you choose.

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